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 #4 : Bugs, Blades, and Beauties

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PostSubject: #4 : Bugs, Blades, and Beauties   Tue Nov 11, 2008 4:49 pm

News Post #4 : More Concepts, More 3d, More..MORE!

We've been working hard since the last update to bring you more content and hopefully we don't disappoint you with our fourth update. I've been working hard on implementing all the jutsus into our system and so far have [/b]over 80 jutsu[/b] in the lists for all the categories for playability. The stats are being refined by each team member as they work hard on their own concepts. Speaking of which lets show you : D

First Up We Have Arrowroot :

She's designing bugs and enemies to go into the first starting areas for you guys to enjoy slaughtering to get that xp you desire.

Next we have Khalitz :

Presenting us with more weapon concepts then we can shake a stick at. You players who are going to use weapons are in for a delightful time with these badboys, and to make this a two sided sword he also drew us some hair concepts to add to our collection.

More hair and costume concepts coming up in the next update! Our concept team is working really hard so please 3 round of applauses for each of them!

3D Modelling wise I finished laying out the starting area of Konoha. This means that once are 3d team is expanded we can have full final models up and ready to fill the city of Konoha in no time!

Here's a peek! :

Also I haven't been slacking just yet, here's a small layout test of the GUI.

If that's good I may finalize it, kept it nice and simple for newbie and pro alike Might expand with some more options afterwards.

The forum will be updated during the week so if there's any downtime I apologize. Going to try and adjust the icons a bit to keep the professional look but add a bit of Naruto flavor!

Guess what ? During this time I'm also talking to a programmer about making a character creator and releasing that to you fans first so you can get a taste of what's to come! That way you can 3d render your dream character and have a blast with it! We will most like be using the new free Elemental Engine II, which has many great features!


What is the main thing your looking forward to in a Naruto MMORPG ?
Questing, Leveling, The Look, Interaction, Teaming Up, Trying to kill official characters?
Let us know!

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#4 : Bugs, Blades, and Beauties
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