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 #3 : Art.Models.Mayhem!

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PostSubject: #3 : Art.Models.Mayhem!   Wed Nov 05, 2008 5:49 pm

Hey True Believers!

It's friday and as promised on Friday we have a nice update for you. First we'll begin with some media to tantalize you. First up an announcement of 3 , that's right 3 NEW TEAM MEMBERS.


- Khalitz :College friend of mine and a top notch weapon designer. He'll be working out the weapon designs for each tier, some character clothing concepts, and just general design doc help. He originally helped me write the original design doc and deserves big props

- Arrowroot : Girlfriend/Fiancee/Venom, she's an awesome conceptual artist and has some amazing monster concepts to slap you in the face with during the coming updates. She offered to help to please you with more content so enjoy it > : |.

- Wa(g) : I worked with Wa(g) for the longest time on multiple mods that eventually died out but now we've come together now that I run the show on this Naruto MMO. He's a conceptualist and modeller.


By Khalitz

These represent some looks of the weapons that wil be in-game. There are going to be a wide variety of variation but just to give you an idea about how much more epic the weapons look as you level up. Be sure to give him your thanks and comments in the General Discussion section where you can comment on this article.


By DavidHalo

These shirts represent the first 10 basic shirts you can select through in the game. Color 1 and Color 2 are selectable between 10 different colors each and will also have mesh and bandage options. 10 more complex shirts are being made then onto pants.

Wa(g)'s Villager #1:

By Wa(g)

One of the Four villager concepts he will work on. These villagers will be quest givers or contain information for you so when your in-game be sure to keep an eye out. ;D


By Arrowroot

A wolf monster at several different levels. Not much to say for this one other then the fact that if you get too close to the last concept, you better bring some firepower.

I'd like to thank all my conceptualists for their hard work! Cookies for all!

- Low Poly Modellers
- Texture Artists
- Sound Artists
- GUI Designers



Ninjutsu - [ Caster / Melee DPS ]
Ninjutsu adjusts your ability to use Ninja Techniques.
Balanced Melee attacks.
Devastating Long Range attacks.
Intermediate Chakra Regen.
Perfect one element, learn two or master your chakra
Class Split-Offs At 15 : Element Proficiency / Dual Element / Enhancement

Taijutsu - [ Tank / Melee ]
Taijutsu adjusts your ability to use Martial Arts Combat.
Stamina is used for techniques.
Combo system using basic attacks + Taijutsu finishers.
Advanced Melee attacks.
Ability to perfect one style, master two or weapon combat!
Class Split-Offs At 15 : Combat Efficiency / Technique Mastery / Weapon Mastery

Genjutsu - [ Caster / Debuff ]
Genjutsu adjusts your ability to manipulate your opponent.
Dark Jutsu Alignment
Debuff your opponent with long range genjutsu attacks.
Fast Chakra Regen
Master your dark genjutsu, move into protection or train to fight as well
Class Split-Offs At 15 : Offensive Spec / Defensive Spec / Second Element

Reiki - [ Healer / Buff ]
Reiki gives you the ability to heal and revive your allies.
Light Jutsu Alignment
Buff up your team with bonuses to health,chakra and stamina
Fastest Chakra Regen of all classes
Master your healing, perfect your buffs, or learn to do your part in combat!
Class Split-Offs At 15 : Support Nin / Empowered / Second Element

These are the generic classes for the clanless members. For those who want to join clans you will be stuck to that clans element, techniques and style of combat, limiting you but you will also be able to access hidden techniques.

Fire Village Clans that are scheduled for later release (post-alpha)

Aburame Clan - Bug Related Combat Jutsu
Akimichi Clan - Body/Light Related Jutsu
Hyuuga Clan - Melee/Light Combat Jutsu
Inuzuka Clan - Pet/Dual Combat Jutsu
Yamanaka Clan - Heal/Mind Control Jutsu

Enjoy ! Be sure to leave comments in the> General Section <- click
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#3 : Art.Models.Mayhem!
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