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 8th Update : Construction Crew, Concepts and Cake

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PostSubject: 8th Update : Construction Crew, Concepts and Cake   Mon Dec 01, 2008 1:18 am

Welcome to the 8th Update : Construction Crew, Concepts and Cake

OMG HAI! Didn't expect to see you guys for our.. EIGHT update!. We have a few models, couple of concepts and a few discussions to bring your way.

First off, our lead programmer is now EFo. EFo will be doing the main programming of our engine now since Vib undertook a company job that sucked up all his time so a big heads up to EFo!

One thing on the agenda I'd like to add is the addition of...

Summoning Jutsu! That's right, later on in the games development line we plan to involve certain quests to allow only people who are willing to train that extra mile to earn the chance to summon a companion into battle. This is a complicated process and will involve lots of work, we will detail as we get closer to public release : )

Big thanks to 2shea for the new NewsBars that you see here and give him a hand because he is also our new GUI Artist. The new forums will be coming in the next couple weeks as we manage our site so as always stay tuned to the news for that.


Arrowroot provides us with some glamarous eyecandy this week with her fantastic rendition of a Wolf Summon. He must be defeated before you can earn the right to summon him in battle, and by the looks of it, might be one hell of a fight!


Gamewindow WiP. Just a little something to setup what one of the quest windows will look like. Definitely not finald and could be swapped around but like in every game, the scroll tells the player what to do and YOU LISTEN > : |

Haluzak -

Haluzak presents us with two buildings that will be seen in Konoha. One is an apartment building and the other one is a business type structure ready to buy all your food,drinks and materials from.

Sakura -

Originally the gates had a different look but after some editing by me we turned it into the Manga version of the Konoha gates and they've never looked more epic! Judging by the railings you can only imagine how big and tall these gates are! Wait till you see it ingame ;D

Pulling off a double header Sakura also presents the Hyuga Clan building. Simplistic but effective the building centers around the around where Neji trains day and night to perfect his Byakugan abilities and who knows, you might see him there!

Davidhalo -

After setting up the main rig I decided to lay down the framework for the idle animation so I can begin work on the other animations such as walk,run, dash and basic melee combat, etc and what better way to demonstrate then to attach it to everyones fav missing nin.Every week I'd hope to accomplish at least one animation for the game.

Which enemy would you want to find and try to attack ? Orichimaru,Pain,Itachi,etc,etc ?

As always read the posts in General Discussion such as our FAQ for more information and be sure to comment on the news update there : )

Goodbye from the world of Tomorrow!
- DavidHalo & The Team

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8th Update : Construction Crew, Concepts and Cake
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