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 #1 - Welcome to the site!

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PostSubject: #1 - Welcome to the site!   Thu Oct 30, 2008 12:14 pm

Hello everybody and welcome to the home of the Naruto Rivals MMORPG.

News -

Currently this game is in the starting stages of development and will be released
to the public upon it's completion. Don't expect it anytime soon as this is an ongoing
sideproject from people with real lives and real jobs.

At any rate the design document is nearing completion and we're always looking
for comments and suggestions from the public on what to add in, fix, take away
and plainly just wants and needs from everybody! Feel free to join the forums and
give your opinion!

Media -

This is a model I made a while ago and APPROXIMATELY what we're shooting for an
in-game style to look like. Here's the low poly base.

The hair, shorts and headband are all holding place just for look. So far the model itself
is merely 1500 triangles, with a 512x512 diff. texture. The clothing will all be customizable
and different!

More art and news to come! Look out for our design doc and faq in the forums!

Coming up -

- Textured Base Model
- Clothing concepts

Updates will come biweekly but the forums are open 24/7!
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#1 - Welcome to the site!
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