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 #7 : The Seventh Update ! What are the Blackbook Nins Up To!?!

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PostSubject: #7 : The Seventh Update ! What are the Blackbook Nins Up To!?!   Mon Nov 24, 2008 10:59 am

Hope you guys enjoy our new logo, it's something 2shea came up with and I edited it a bit! So big props to him on a great design. It will be replacing our old logo so if you have any nostalgia for it save it now or forever hold your peice.

First before the news I'd like to welcome a new member to the team:

Sakura our new Environmental Artist. Everyone give a big warm welcome!

Now back to your regularly scheduled program!

Arrowroot -

This insane peice of work is the concept for an instance called Magma Cavern ( MC ) Which will be a part of fire quests and home to a cult of fire elemental missing nin.

Haluzak -

The Chunin Exam arena in all it's glory. You can enter the arena and go on all 3 balconies! Haluzak has really outdid himself to make you all very content with it's accuracy : ) Haluzak is now busy working on several Konoha buildings for your viewing pleasure!

Sakura -

Not even a few hours on the team and Sakura began developing this. Now that we have two environmental artist on the go things are really starting to pick up speed! Sakura will then unwrap this model so we can texture it for you

Davidhalo -

Headbands now will have multiple selectable colors all over the color scale. If you want orange,pink and purple you can now select those as well! Also, we will have an option to have the metal plateguard on your arm, a beltband and the headband as well! Cheers for you forum people for your suggestions : )

The final pants to go in-game. Now I just need to complete different hairstyles! Be sure to check out the hairstyle suggestion thread in the suggestion section and post some styles you would like to see selectable

The skeleton we will be using for our models is now sized and complete and ready to rig all the clothing onto. The extra bones going down the back are for capes and cloaks but no extra bones for jackets yet, when we get that far into implementation I will definitely add the extra bones : )

Davidhalo -

Here is the final layout of our onscreen HuD For ingame. This is only a FINAL LAYOUT and
not the final product. Continue down the post for more ; D

This is a character bar inprogress for the final graphics. It still needs quite a bit of tweaking
but so far its sleek and simple. More detail will be added in the future during this week.

The circles you see in the HuD will look like these circles once a jutsu is put in them. The other is : None, Ninjutusu , Taijutsu, Genjutsu and Reiki. The colors in the circles represent the jutsu category so that you can easily manage between them and group them together in the bar : )

What is your favorite Naruto series quote ?

"Why do you fight against your destiny so much ?"
"Because..I was called a loser"
- Neji & Naruto

Until next time remember to read the FAQ and FORUM RULES and have a great time!

- Davidhalo & The Blackbook Anbu Team

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#7 : The Seventh Update ! What are the Blackbook Nins Up To!?!
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