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 #6 : The Sixth News Post! Who Are The Newcomers?!

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PostSubject: #6 : The Sixth News Post! Who Are The Newcomers?!   Tue Nov 18, 2008 10:07 am

Hey Narutards of all shapes and sizes! and welcome back for the 6th update! Like the news title ? ANIME INSPIRED FTW! This time we have more info then pics but hopefully this will level it out with some great news! Good things comes in threes so lets start it off!

News #1

We HAVE A PROGRAMMER!!! on the team now named Vib! Vib will be working on the character creator tool which will be programmed bug free for the team by late december and if everything goes according to plan (hope) we'll have it public by February : ) !

News #2

We have a new Environment Modeller on the team named Haluzak! Thank god cause I couldnt handle any more work on my plate. He will be modelling buildings in Konoha that you can enter and run around in!

News #3

Last but definitely not least an old friend of mine 2shea has joined the team as our new WEB DEVELOPER! He has produced great work before and this time doesn't plan to disappoint you guys in the least bit! Give it up for not 1...but 2shea!

Please say Hello and welcome all our new members! They're all working hard to bring you new updates and making this game become a reality!

Also in a smaller note, new forum subnames are given at 200,300 and 400 posts as well. You'll have to get there to figure out what they are : D.

Davidhalo Doing It Up-

These will be the first 15 shirts and 8 armband types to put in the character creator. Each will first contain 2/3 textures each but hopefully when we release it to the public will have 5/6 a peice. Most of the color schemes will involve : Black,Red, Blue, Brown, Orange and Green.

Example of 3d modelled Tier 1-4 Oversized Shurikens. More powerful iretations can be scroll summoned into battle or just sit on your back! Rare weapons can be found in instances, after completing certain quests and killing npcs.

Haluzak wants to show you a little something :

The base for the Hospital and Hokage buildings in Konoha. SO give it up by Haluzak who got a quick start on this to make it for the post!!

Everything is open to alterations such as clothing, buildings, characters, etc so feel free to voice your opinion and repond in the NR Discussion forum!


As you can see we're definitely getting the GUI for the character creator underway. The brown bg will definitely change to something more suiting ( i.e : a screenshot of your chosen village ) so dont worry and keep watching for updates ;D.

What Class will you be : Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu or Reiki and why ??


As always be sure to consult our FAQ in the General Discussion forum before asking any questions about the game, most of your answeres are right there : ) If they arent there, reply and I'll add them in asap! Also please follow the FORUM RULES or Sky will get you!

Later days!

-DavidHalo & The Team

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#6 : The Sixth News Post! Who Are The Newcomers?!
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