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 #2 - Design Document Summary

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PostSubject: #2 - Design Document Summary   Thu Oct 30, 2008 1:30 pm

The Naruto World

The world of Naruto is filled with intrigue and lore from one small stone to the entire world. Every human being on the planet has the ability to mold chakra from birth into offensive or defensive maneuvers to utilize in and out of battle. Special academies called Ninja academies were built to train children from a young age to become Shinobi of their village and to perform various tasks, acting like military for their countries.

Since chakra gives it’s users superhuman like speed and strength such gadgets such as cars, guns and airplanes became unnecessary, therefore the world has evolved slightly different then our own. This leaves it as a much more forested and intriguing world to explore. The eight countries that consume the world of Naruto are constantly in a restless state, all observing each other’s powers, some allies, some foes.

During the time span we set our players in, Naruto and the fellow Gennin have set out for a missing member of Team 7 known as the infamous Uchiha Sasuke. During this time many Gennin, Chounin and even Jounin have been sent out gathering information and intelligence in various countries, leaving Konoha more defenseless in case anything should happen. Tsunade has set out and insisted help from many of the clans and villages in the Fire country to send forth more students to raise the count of Ninja in and out of the country.

So thus your story begins...


Since the demo is limited to the Hidden Leaf village of Konoha the area will Be limited to the surrounding area as far as the mountaintops and outer plains. This will include the buildings inside the city following schematics from various references from the manga.


Your character will obviously blend in the world of Naruto and look the part as well. Adjust your clothing style, what country and clan you come from and all your base attributes is just the start as you begin to form yourself into a Konoha ninja! This system will be more similiar to the system in City Of Heroes where you can adjust your character, then when you level you can earn new clothing addons.
For the first release we're aiming to have no selectable clans just yet and limit to Konoha village in Fire Country. We will readily expand that asap.


Str. - Strength
Strength is the base attack power.
Strength determines lift/carry amount.

Def. - Defense
Defense lowers damage taken
Defense gives a chance to block attack

Sta. - Stamina
Stamina determines running speed
Stamina increases Chakra amount

End - Endurance
Increases Health amount.
Rate of Health Regen

Agi - Agility
Controls Evasion Rate
Controls Run Speed

Int - Intelligence
Intelligence increases your Chakra amount.
Increases the chance to use less chakra when performing techniques.


Ninjutsu -
Ninjutsu adjusts your ability to use Ninja Techniques.
Balanced Melee attacks.
Devastating Long Range attacks.
Intermediate Chakra Regen
Learn techniques that require your Ninjutsu to be at a certain level
Class Split-Offs At 20 : Element Proficiency / Dual Element

Taijutsu -
Taijutsu adjusts your ability to use Martial Arts Combat.
Stamina is used for techniques.
Combo system using basic attacks + Taijutsu finishers.
Chakra is used for Self-Buffs.
Learn techniques that require your Taijutsu to be at a certain level
Class Split-Offs At 20 : Combat Efficiency / Technique Mastery

Genjutsu -
Genjutsu adjusts your ability to manipulate your opponent.
Stuck with either Light / Dark Jutsu.
Debuff your opponent with long range genjutsu attacks.
Fast Chakra Regen
Learn techniques that require your Genjutsu to be at a certain level
Class Split-Offs At 20 : Genjutsu Specialist / Healer

There's more to the design doc then this..about 20 pages worth but leaving you to just that won't satisfy your taste buds, here's a couple of jutsu charts.

Futon, Renkudan (Wind Release, Drilling Air Bullet)
Type: Offensive
Rank: No-Rank
Base Charge Time: 5 seconds
Base Success Rate: 70 %
Base Chakra Use: ???
Atk Power: 40
Def Power: 0
Caused Effect: Wind Attack
Item Needed: None
Learned From: Wind Level 20
This wind attack is as deadly when it hits from close range as it is from long range. The user breathes in the air from around him and holds it in his mouth after or while performing the hand seals and releases a massive airwave at the opponent, knocking them back and causing a good amount of damage. Once the technique is near mastered the user can create an air bullet so big it can damage the environment as well.

Raiton, Gian No Jutsu (Lightning Release, False Darkness Technique)
Type: Offensive
Rank: Unknown
Base Charge Time: 2 seconds
Base Success Rate: 70 %
Base Chakra Use: ???
Atk Power: 0
Def Power: 0
Caused Effect: Lightning Bolts (1-2)
Item Needed: None
Learned From: Lightning Level 25
Performing this technique allows the lightning user to charge back both their hands and throw forth two lightning bolts at the opponent, one from each hand. The technique uses a lot of the users chakra however instead of one strike the user can perform two of equal power giving them a high probability of impact .

Enjoy the little bit you get! > : D
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#2 - Design Document Summary
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