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 #5 : DavidHalo Displays His Doings

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PostSubject: #5 : DavidHalo Displays His Doings   Thu Nov 13, 2008 12:57 pm

Hi fans and welcome to the new update with a new format : D. We're hope your all pleased with all the changes we've done to match more closely to the Naruto style in the forums and in our news post and continue our promise of weekly ( or whenever we have stuff : D ) updates ! !

Two updates in one week! Drown in our love for you fans!

Well in News we've been working hard trying to prepare our in-game character creator and busting out tons of content to throw in it to make sure you guys get access to it as soon as possible. This update will have more content for the in-game creator

On document front we've been trying to balance all the Jutsu for each class which proves not to be such an easy task. Some people have been asking me this question which has a simple answer :

Q : In Naruto, characters can move while they are casting a Jutsu, will we be able to move while performing jutsu ingame ?
A : Hell yes.

On to updates!

Forearm Guards :

These are some of the forearm guards that you'll be able to select through. So far I'm planning to have 4 different texture/color variations of each but might put in more depending on the rest of the costume peices.

Shirts :

Basically Sasuke style for the first one and second and for the third a hoody.I'll be developing 2/3 more baseshirts and then start working on special clothing like : Chunin Vests, Winter Cloak, Hoods, Masks.

Sneak peek :

Kunai Pouches, Backpouches, Scrollpouches and Kawarimi tree stump previewed!

2D art gets a big update today as I'm preparing the icons for the character creation system

Village Symbols / Clan Symbols / Class Symbols

All these icons are subject to change and probably will change before the release so lets call them TEMP ICONS for now until then just to wet your appetite.

Character Creation Screen -

Here's a sneak peek of the character creation screen concept. This is just for layout purposes and will DEFINITELY not look all grey and flat like this, but how's the layout looking ? Let us know !

Later on in development we'd hope to get far enough to have village raids, saying that, would you ever want to raid the Hidden Rain Village and face off against Pain ?

As always be sure to consult our FAQ in the General Discussion forum before asking any questions about the game, most of your answeres are right there : )

Until Next Time!


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#5 : DavidHalo Displays His Doings
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